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Having been disadvantaged by the apartheid regime OneCall survived many adversities.
Since the 1990’s operating as a contractor in the built environment the owner Adiel Albertus
recognised the need to restructure the business in 2006 to provide a specialised Quality
Management Service to everyone engaging in a construction project.
Starting out with humble beginnings Adiel remained focus on he’s objectives to improve established
companies and client’s expectations.
He was amazed by how much it cost individuals and companies to remedy defects, poor
workmanship and the disappointment clients have to put up with as a result.
Having experienced this heart-rending catastrophe both as a client and employer Adiel decided to
address this concern to contribute in a small way to improve the much-assumed quality in
Not only do OneCall improve quality in construction we also advise on cost saving methods and to
improve time efficiency as the common principals of a project.

OneCall Consulting is challenged with having one client with multiple projects which has been
sustainable over the past 12 years. A track record we are certainly proud of that the loyalty between
ourselves and our client is based on Honesty and Trust with a high degree of integrity.
The relationship has benefitted OneCall being able to provide employment of three additional staff
members. Our expanded vision is to create greater employment opportunities to the unemployment
crises we face in our country. We aim to provide further opportunity to the post graduate students
in the build environment industry.

At OneCall we believe to give back to society in anyway possible. We are supporting an orphanage,
sponsored feeding schemes and places of worship. With limited resources and slow growth, we
remain grateful and humbled with our progress therefore unselfishly share our blessings.

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